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    END FM Youth, Music, Arts and Culture

All About THE END FM


What is The END FM?
The END FM is a new community radio station created under the South West Arts organisation to engage and target youth in terms of both entertainment and training opportunities. The station itself is located in Deniliquin but caters to the South West region.

Who is The End FM run by?

The END FM is led by the Youth Leadership Committee and supported by staff of both The End FM and South West Arts. The decisions around the direction of the radio station, its projects, music and programs are decided by the committee, representing the local community.

Who is The End FM’s target audience?
In a time when radio is more popular than ever, The END FM is bringing a fresh new take on radio, all aimed at the younger generations. Our core audience is those aged 18 to 35, which makes up 59% of Australia’s community radio audience. And with 5.97 million people listening to community radio every week Australia wide, The END FM stands out because it offers a chance for youth to have a voice, something South West Music believes is missing in this region in particular.

Why should people listen to community radio?
Community radio provides a diverse, independent and local source of information, entertainment and music to those tuning in. It gives locals the opportunity to access a unique range of services and programs that support a diversity of voices. Studies show 49% of Australians tune in to community radio for local information and news, 34% for specialist music, 34% for local voices and personalities and 27% because they support and play local and Australian artists, among a variety of other reasons.

The END FM strives to be a space where locals get to hear what they are interested in and represent the diversity of the community and youth. And 50% of our music is from Australian artists, keeping you up to date in the music industry with an opportunity to also discover new artists.

How will people be able to listen to The END FM?
You can tune in via the old fashion way on the dial in Deniliquin by tuning into 89.7 FM, or via our website and you can download the myTuner app on any device and listen anywhere in the world.

How can I get involved?
Anyone can volunteer their time at The END FM, with an emphasis on those aged between 18 and 35 to get involved. Our objective is to enable volunteers to present or produce radio programs, produce media such as podcasts, write reviews, editorials and online features, work on events and admin projects, contribute to technical and IT maintenance, and apply to volunteer on our Youth Leadership Committee.

If you are interested in joining the END FM Leadership team. You can find the form at

Piper Brown interviewing on her show "Let's Talk Entertainment"

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